While meeting with financial officers last month, the misconceptions and effectiveness of assessments came to the forefront of our conversation. With the increased use of assessments by successful organizations many misconceptions about the accuracy, content, and manipulation of the results come to the surface.

In order to stay on the cutting edge of the accurate use of assessments for business and professional growth, Building Talent partners with TTI Success Insights in offering tools based on 5 sciences which are validated for hiring. Here’s how TTI addresses 3 common misconceptions about assessments:

Misconception #1: There isn’t proof that assessments are accurate. Not true, at least not with TTI Success Insights assessments. We pride ourselves on having the most valid assessments on the market. While many assessments measure personality and can be more whimsical in nature, TTI Success Insights’ products go deeper by unveiling who we are as people and how others perceive us. We measure behaviors and motivators (among other sciences), which are quantifiable and have a research base. We don’t measure personality because personality can’t be scientifically measured.

Misconception #2: They all measure the same thing, right? We believe that multiple assessments should be used to tell the story of the whole person. In order to do this, they must measure so much more than one aspect of that unique individual. This can mean any combination of the following: behaviors/DISC, driving forces (motivators), skills, acumen/worldview, emotional intelligence and stress.

Misconception #3: I can manipulate my results. It doesn’t work. On the rare occasion that someone does try this — whether intentionally or unintentionally — the data usually tells a story of misrepresentation.

TTI Assessments are validated and reliable for selection, employee development and retention. And you can find out more by reviewing their adverse impact study and reliability study.

In the end, these assessments are incredibly powerful, so much more than others on the market. They have been proven to improve communication skills, develop leadership competencies, formulate new career paths, and understand the best sales strategies.

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