Benchmarking leadership uncovers the contributions of all types of leadership styles.

Recently we did a leadership case study¬†for an group of executives about the nuances of leadership styles as observed through the D.I.S.C profiles. Traditional wisdom says that all leaders are: fast-paced, aggressive problem solvers, results-oriented, and task-focused. Essentially every descriptor that is found in a “High D (Dominance)” profile.

As we discovered from one case study within the industry group, not all leaders come from one D.I.S.C profile. In fact, we found that within this unique culture there were two types of successful leadership profiles within Principal group.

We found that leaders in different contexts and cultures call for different leadership styles. Leaders can come from any of the Behavioral D.I.S.C profiles. If anything, analysis of Motivators, Competencies, EQ and Acumen can be much better predictors of Leadership Capability.


This insight was extremely helpful for this firm as they were building new teams and planning for succession. The Principal team was able to take an honest look at the leadership profiles currently in their company as well as assess new potential leadership candidates before hiring them to see how they would fit within their unique leadership culture.

In your unique context, are you award of the leadership styles that work and the styles that don’t work? What does your company need? How does your employees respond to leadership? By discovering your unique D.I.S.C profile and the communication styles of your team, you can learn to adapt and lead more effectively, and plan for growth more successfully.

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