“You do you” as the saying goes… As the Building Talent leadership team met to discuss what makes us tick, the first evident overlap was found in our view of the person, whether that be our clients, our vendors, our candidates, or our business partners. We all view the individual as a unique, creative, resourceful and whole person.
No two people are exactly the same, and each individual has a particular offering that makes them valuable in their own respect. The clients that we serve became successful industry leaders through different styles and strategies. The candidates we’ve built relationships with excelled in their past positions because of a constellation of reason. To try to recreate success, requires an in-depth look at the individual to honor what makes you, you!

Just one of the ways that we honor the individual is through our use of TTI Assessments. We understand the unique profile through understanding someone’s Behaviors, Driving Forces, Competencies, EQ and Acumen. We strongly believe at our core that this is how everyone should approach relationships: not by compartmentalizing others or stereotyping them, but listening and learning about what makes them unique. How have you seen this lived out at work? Have you been in an environment that does this better than others? What type of difference did it make to your success and the success of the organization. We’d love to hear from you on Facebook and Twitter.