Do you use assessments in your hiring? If not – why not? If so, how did you choose what you would assess, or how you would be assessing it? There are a lot of factors into choosing the right hiring assessment.

Building Talent highly recommends using both an assessment that measures Observable Behaviors and an assessment that measures your Driving Motivations. This gives you a more holistic view of how someone will perform and why they perform. And we use a Distributor that pours more time and money into R&D than any other Behaviors/Motivators assessments to make sure we offer the most accurate results.

But there are other valuable aspects of the Person that are worth assessing. Measuring ACUMEN before making a hiring decision can save you a major headache. Acumen can be measured objectively through a mathematically accurate science, identifying how one’s mind analyzes and interprets our experiences.

Knowing someone’s Acumen is really about discovering someone’s capacity. It lets you know the difference between driving a sluggish Ferrari or a supped up Pinto.

Take the Acumen assessment for yourself and experience a complimentary 30 minute debrief with one of our certified consultants, and see how much predictive information you are able to get from this powerful tool:

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