What are the keys to a top tier talent acquisition process? How do you consistently predict top performers?

Last month Building Talent was honored to be featured on a panel at BAHREC (Bay Area Human Resources Executives Council) an affiliate of SHRM, to discuss the topic of “Predicting Top Performers BEFORE you Hire.”

There were several good questions throughout the night and this topic seemed to be top priority on everyone’s mind whether the company was a small start-up or a large publicly traded firm. Three important takeaways emerged from the discussion.

1. Trust Your Process: A Hiring process can help maintain best hiring practices, but if it is too lengthy or involved it can keep you from landing the top talent in this speedy job market. What are the “must-have’s” in your process? What are your non-negotiables? And what needs to be scrapped?

2. Trust Your Assessment: Finding the right assessment for hiring is key. There are a lot out there, so there are a lot of ways to go wrong. Getting one that is EEOC is a “must”. Testing in more than one area (ie. Behaviors AND Motivators) will increase your predictive analysis. Having a consultant or in-house certified administrator is also really helpful to making the most of the assessments.

3. Trust Your Benchmark: Never use assessments (no matter how good) without benchmarking the position. Taking 30-60 minutes to develop a validated internal benchmark of each position will align the team to the expectations of the role and the assessment results to something substantial, while ensuring your use of the assessment is in a compliant manner.

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