Building Talent is excited about new developments from TTI Success Insights in how we are able to measure the Motivators (why we do things). Take a free talent survey in just 15 minutes and request these new insights.

Previously we have defined the Motivators based on the 6 values scale:

  • Theoretical — the discovery of truth
  • Utilitarian — money and what is useful; ROI
  • Aesthetic — form and harmony
  • Social — an inherent caring for people; helping others
  • Individualistic — personal power, influence and renown
  • Traditional — a system for living

With new research, the Motivators are being fine tuned to measure both the “high” and “low” responses for deeper insights about what drives us to do what we do.

In the past people’s responses were weighed on one scale:

Motivators - Adam and Rick_Page_02

Now that scale reflects two aspects of the same characteristic:

Motivators - Adam and Rick_Page_04

This enables us to add more insights and create a “General Characteristics” page with a narrative about your Motivators which was formerly not possible:

Motivators - Adam and Rick_Page_13If you have previously completed a TTI Survey with Building Talent, we can send you your new “beta” pages right away! Just send us an email now.

Otherwise, request the “Talent Insights Report” below, and we’ll send you a complimentary report, along with your new pages.