Very few businesses get it right the first time. Some of best companies needed to change to find the right customer, value proposition, and positioning. Why don’t you do the same: pivot the direction of your life to achieve greater success.

You can read about some of the 15 Greatest Tech Pivots Ever to see how businesses make pivots all the time to transform their impact.

Keep one foot firmly in place as you shift the other in a new direction

Businesses know that they can’t sell the whole farm to make a pivot. They take stock of what is working for them and what the market needs. They make a shift of their resources and talents to realign what they already have.

Too many times individuals bail completely on their current life direction to try something entirely different. How many of you know someone who just left their tech job to go start a coffee shop or be an artist? If you feel the pressure to completely bail on what you have been doing, then you have waited too long to pivot, and you are at risk of throwing away all the resources and investment you have put into yourself.

Before you begin your pivot, take careful stock of your personal strengths and experience to make sure you keep one foot firmly planted in place to build off of what you have already done. Consider taking Building Talent’s strengths survey to consider the inherent strengths and driving forces that will help you keep your bearings during a personal pivot.

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