According to the Wall Street Journal “eight of the top 10 U.S. private employers now administer pre-hire tests in their job applications for some positions. In 2001, 26% of large U.S. employers used pre-hire assessments. By 2013, the number had climbed to 57%.”

These numbers reflect the growing pressure businesses are experiencing to make the “right hire.” When digging in to the results of job matching and assessments, the WSJ “analyzed 20 companies—a call center and 19 of its subcontractors—that use (pre-hire assessments). In 2012, before the assessment test was adopted, 90-day attrition—the proportion of employees who quit or were fired after three months—was 41%. After the tests and subsequent revisions, 90-day attrition fell to 34% in 2013; 28% in early 2014; and 12% late last year.”

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