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The Building Talent reach strategies helped me create a large pool of options and then quickly narrow those options down to a small pool of “bullseye” candidates. My most recent experience was time-sensitive, and the Building Talent team took me from requisition to hire much faster than I thought was possible.Trevor Z. Managing Partner, Omni Law Group LLP

Key Accountabilities

Building Talent goes way beyond the usual job description to understand the core needs for which a position exists. Through a collaborative Key Accountabilities discovery-process, your subject matter experts describe the reasons a job exists. Building Talent then assesses the skills, experience, communication style, personal motivations, outlook, and competencies needed for superior performance for the particular job. This comprehensive Benchmark provides powerful insights for hiring, promotion, development, and restructuring.

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Investing in Certified Professionals within your organization will improve the selection of superior performers while positively impacting the bottom-line. We recommend certifying a professional within your HR department, Management, or Executive positions in the sciences of Behaviors, Motivators and Competencies.

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