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Building Talent was able to identify the key steps for me to develop a business plan, marketing strategy, and pricing structure to get my own practice off the ground. Jared K., Founder, Sustained Music

Building Talent uses the uncanny insights of Talent Assessments to assess your current team, company culture, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement. Development is necessary to deepen the strengths of your team by understanding the right role for people on your team and increasing communication, collaboration, and long term growth. With a comprehensive talent management approach, you will set up your organization to be able to surpass customer demands, capitalize on market opportunities and overcome challenges.

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Stages of Growth is a proven organizational growth model, based on Growth Curve research of nearly 1000 companies. A Stages of Growth X-Ray is a strategic alignment program for a CEO/leader and their management team to stay ahead of their growth curve by taking an honest look at their people, profit, process, and leadership. Find out more about Stages of Growth and the X-Ray Process.

Executive Coaching unlocks leadership capacity and multiplies your impact. Develop growth initiatives and implement the strategies to achieve them with the help of our certified ICF Coaches.

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