A search to match a leadership void can be costly in your time and lost opportunities. In order to more quickly address executive search needs, Building Talent has a track record of success, a network of leaders, and strategic industry partnerships to help you find, vet, and get the right leader on your team.

An Executive Search is far more complex than simply finding technical talent, and is a critical growth opportunity for companies. There are many reasons to engage with an Executive Search:

  • Facing challenges or capitalizing on an opportunity
  • Expanding to new markets
  • Lack of internal resources
  • Time constraints
  • Circumstances that require a 3rd party relationship

One strategic partnership for Building Talent is with Knowv8 in the AEC and Accounting industries. Our partnership provides in depth executive experience to understand business needs, science assessments to mitigate risk, industry connections to qualified leaders, a marketing approach to promote opportunities that enables us to identify qualified candidates to meet the organizational needs in order to find the perfect match.

“When we needed to replace a departing Director of IT, Building Talent quickly provided a perfect match. We hired a dynamic, experienced, and skillful Director to join our leadership team and to provide leadership to our IT environment”
– Albert C. CFO, ESA

Executive Search Case Study

In order to optimize their leadership team, a Professional Service firm looked to Building Talent to identify a financial and operational leader.


BT benchmarked the core needs of better financial information and contract revenue realization. Knowv8 developed an incentive and compensation structure that motivated healthy margins and business growth.

BT identified experienced and rising CFO’s who came with the financial experience necessary for success, with detailed profiles of their background, strengths, and potential growth areas.

market-insightsLIFE IMPACT
The ownership group was unanimous in their enthusiasm with identifying an experienced CFO who was energized by growing a firm again. The new CFO was able to make the impact they desired.

This Case Study reflects our shared values:

  • Partnership – We value collaboration with clients to find and develop leaders.
  • Market Insights – We seek to understand the markets our clients are in so we can provide valuable insights in the recruiting process.
  • Results – We strive for immediate results while balancing long-term, strategic goals.
  • Life Impact – We seek to improve the lives of teams, organizations, and people by realizing talents and skills.

It also is a snapshot of how other searches went, but here is a more robust list of clients and results.


  • CSU Long Beach
  • ESA Environmental
  • SCS Engineers
  • Kearns & West
  • ABB Architectural Engineers
  • BCA Architects
  • MBH Architects


  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Business Development Officer
  • Managing Principal
  • Director of Environmental Services
  • Director of Information Technology
  • Director of Construction
  • Director of Energy
  • Director of Business Development
  • Practice Leaders
  • BIM Leaders

“Building Talent did a terrific job of understanding and articulating our needs, finding strong candidates and guiding us through the executive recruiting process!”
– Anna W. Founder and Principal, Kearns & West

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