Talent Consultants

Our talent consultants are certified in benchmarking top performers, experienced in casting a strategic recruiting net, and accredited in their development of talent at all levels of an organization.

We partner with leading Industry experts to provide deeper insights into businesses and markets. These Subject Matter Experts are involved in validating technical needs, candidate screening, and provide market insights to shape our recruiting strategy.

Adam Rechenmacher


Sr. Talent Consultant
(408) 657-6521

An insightful diagnostician and talent specialist, Adam has years of building and growing organizations in close partnerships internally and externally. He is certified in the analysis of people’s Behaviors, Motivators, Acumen, Competency, and Emotional Intelligence, a Stages of Growth Strategist, and a credentialed ACC Coach with the ICF.

AREAS OF FOCUS: Selection, Recruiting, & Executive Coaching

Isaac Zamora

Isaac Zamora

Sr. Talent Consultant

An AEC executive and financial leader, Isaac has nearly 20 years of business and leadership experience in Architectural and Engineering Firms. Through KnowV8, he consults on accounting, planning, analytics, and optimization for business growth. As the Co-Chair of the Bay Area Financial Officers Group, he keeps peers abreast of key developments in best practices, technology, and accounting that enables CFO’s to be strategic business partners for their firms.

AREAS OF FOCUS: Accounting, AEC, Executive Search