Building Talent is our answer to the challenge of finding top talent across multiple disciplines and across multiple offices on the West Coast and Hawaii. Combining their multi-industry reach as recruiters with the power of their assessment insights has been vital to the growth of our business.
Karim A.CEO, Allana, Buick & Bers

I recommend Building Talent mainly due to their really revealing HR tool for employee evaluation and hiring processes. Loved their presentation especially the way they can easily and accurately place you as what type of employee and personality you are for specific jobs. I took the assessment test – maybe 20 min or less – and they had me hook line and sinker.
Igor G.CFO, Kwan Henmi Architects

I am so glad we decided to work with Building Talent to help us with our hiring process. The information that we gained was invaluable! They took what could have been a stressful process and turned it into a no-brainer. Thanks to Building Talent and the new insight we now had about each applicant, selecting which person to hire was easy! They definitely exceeded our expectations.
Anna K.Founding Partner, Mixed Pallette

With turnover costs being what they are, hiring decisions need to be right the first time. Using the TTI has allowed us to find the right talent the first time in a much more efficient way than the “trust the resume” approach.
Trevor Z.Managing Partner, Omni Law Group LLP

When we needed to replace a departing Director of IT, Building Talent quickly provided a perfect match. We hired a dynamic, experienced, and skillful Director to join our leadership team and to provide leadership to our IT environment.
Albert C.CFO, ESA

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Building Talent for many years while working for a number of different architecture and engineering firms. If I need help filling a position, particularly a highly specialized one, I know I can rely on them for assistance. If you’re looking to partner with a firm that “gets” the A/E industry Building Talent is a solid choice.
Renee C.Director of Human Resources, MBH Architects

Building Talent was extremely responsive and had top quality candidates for us to consider in very short order. This enabled us to make successful staffing decisions but at the same time do so in a timely manner.
Brian W.President, BCA Architects

Through the insights revealed in the assessment process, Building Talent was able to find, not only the right technical fit for our firm, but also the right cultural fit for our office’s strategic growth.
Jim F.Owner, BEE Consulting

The insights provided by the TTI were invaluable in helping me to not only understand and articulate many aspects of my own personality, but those of our new hire as well. By the time I conducted the first interview, I already felt like I knew this person, which allowed the process to go in depth very quickly, saving me time and money.
Tommy S.Development Team Lead, Presentek

The Building Talent reach strategies helped me create a large pool of options and then quickly narrow those options down to a small pool of “bullseye” candidates. My most recent experience was time-sensitive, and the Building Talent team took me from requisition to hire much faster than I thought was possible.
Trevor Z.Managing Partner, Omni Law Group LLP